Quick Cook – Lock Di Gate (Chi Ching Diss) Lyrics

Chicken wing fi know seh a war time
Step to mi now a star time
And meck mi full you up a carbine
Meck yo likkle duppy bat start fly

Hey mister Leng, tell Heavy D lock the gate
Him a try run, tell Heavy D Lock the gate
Some man don’t bad him a bate
Meck Japanese gyal put mancro in a him face

Tell Heavy D Lock the gate
Tell Heavy D lock the gate
Youth yo nuh bad like mi all when yo sleep and wake
Him foot start shake

(Verse 1)
Wa him seh him name Chi Chi Ching
A mussi chicken skin
Lyrics mi a go use clip him wing
Yow a mad rass over sting
Mi a go embarrass himenz 4
Him and Fanton in a pool a swim

Bwoy mi sick like disease ebola
Yo think seh yo cold but mi colder
Yo don’t even bad like fast hole the stroller
Mi hear yo sleep out the singer bed, you a go dead

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From the war start mi win
Corn fi the pigeon
Whole a dem vex from the high life riddim
Mi naw ease up a crime boss seh fi kill him
From a killing then a killing
Yow mi willing
Meck dem know straight mi nuh drop guard
Which path mi come from bwoy drop hard
Mi link a sniper and round a big yard
You a nuh crocodile you a big fraud

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)