Chris Brown Fans Had Karrueche Tran Instagram Taken Down

Chris Brown fans are trolling Karrueche Tran Instagram and its getting ugly.

Karrueche Tran did not delete her Instagram account but her page was disabled thanks to some persistent fans of Chris Brown.

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Tran and Brown are going through a bitter split and yesterday he posted on his Instagram that she cheated on him with Drake.

In a rant on Instagram, the “Loyal” singer says his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran only visited him once while he spend four months behind bars.

Brown also diss Karrueche Tran in front a live audience on Friday night while performing at the Power 106 Cali Christmas at The Forum in Inglewood.

Since then Chris Brown fans have been harassing her on Instagram and Facebook leaving some very mean comments on her photos.

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown

Some fans even reported her account to Instagram admin which resulted in her profile being disabled.

“I did not delete my Instagram. I’m way too addicted lol. Soooooomeone reported my page as an impersonation and now it’s disabled,” Karrueche Tran wrote on Twitter.

Chris Brown has since apologize to Karrueche Tran for airing out their dirty laundry on social media.

“Being young and dumb is one of my strong suits and emotional at best,” Chris Brown wrote on Instagram. “I love hard and react impulsively when I’m hurt at times. I don’t think social media is a place to air out or hash out personal problems and a ni**a feel hella WACK for doing it. So I AM APOLOGIZING I live in a glass house and the same sh*t that makes me great also is my curse. Everybody know I love that girl. I don’t care how my image my look to the public because I’m still gonna be the best at what I do. I just want baby girl to know I apologize!”

Did Chris Brown fans had Karrueche Tran Instagram account disabled?


  1. K-tran a you mi seh, & mi done tell yuh from morning stop play wid di joker, chris brown do’s not have any lucks wid ooman, him nuh ready yet, twin of twins need fi put him pon di next installment of stir it up. Full time now you fi search di deck and deal wid a King. K-tran link up :D

  2. Both of them need to get a life, build a

    bridge and climb over it.