Busy Signal – Fi The Money Lyrics

Haffi meck the money, money
Street smart cyaa be nuh dummy
Hustle fi the food everyday wi hungry
Time dem a waste, a better dem low mi
Big up every hustler in a every country
Mi nuh waan nuh crumbs, mi waan mi cookie crunchy

London, New York, ATL Miami
Always on the grind, suh mi keep it griney

(Verse 1)
Money talk suh you need fi call mi
Nuh play no games this a nuh Serani
In a the sun, the rain, the snow or even if it stormy
So much dead president is like a duppy story
Regardless man a go the hardest
End dem wid da one yah
Even though da one yah cordless
Humting fi the paper call mi this green arnet

You watch me pon yo tv wanna be me
Gyal a pree me, nuff people still never see me
AMG mi move reallt speedy
Speedometer about 3 60
Gone pon tour gyal dem really needs me
Some a skype, some a send mog
Yo cyaa study me, yo cyaa read me
Gyal dem need me, dawgs hunt the food dem greedy

In the streets today nothing pretty
Nuff a mi dawgs in a prison waan fi walk freely
Free dem up like how dem free up Busy
Because mi know da supn deh nuh easy

Jamaica, Africa to London
Big up every don ma
Wi a hunt the food and wi don’t like nh con man
Deh pon the stage a work the show
A lock it down wid the bands man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)