Elephant Man – Dancing Fun Lyrics

Meck wi call dem in
Meck wi call dem in
To how the gyal dem pretty wi haffi hall dem in

Then a who have the nerve fi seh dancing done
As one gone suh another one come

Theres nothing they can do fi stop wi dancing fun
As one gone suh another one come

The dance capital that a Kingston
As one gone suh another one come

Wackey the king a dance gone left nuff dancing son
As one gone suh another one come

(Verse 1)
Member seh laba, laba, a dance from him young
Sadiki nah stop dance all when him trim down
Every night is a new dance John Hype bring come
Sample six dem a dance and meck dem income
Every night wi dance go back till wi si the sun
Ravers over mars, polo squad a fling boom
Bone Crusher step like seh him waan kill the ground
All vill expression dance off shoes till it done

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Meck dem stay deh pray think dancing would a done out
Mount a style wi have will never run out
Wi bring a new style move every night wi come out
Dancers weh fight against dancers that wi a bun out
St. Tomas, Portland, St. Mary dancers
Ochi, Mobay and Negril a gwaan bad
Senti, Gyal Deville, Maypen a perform mad
Spanish Town, Kingston seh dem a dance God

(Repeat Chorus 2X)