Dancehall Artists Ikon D Link & Miss Chin Explicit Photos Leaked

Did dancehall artists Ikon D Link and Miss Chin leaked their own explicit photos for attention? Well they are speaking up.

Miss Chin, who is Kiprich baby mother, has denied having anything to do with the leaked pics.

The photos have been making the rounds on social media showing the two artists snapping pics of themselves in bed.

Miss Chin said that her phone was stolen recently and that could explain why the

“I have learnt my lesson from this experience and I won’t be recording or taking certain pictures on my phone again because this a mash up business,” she said. “I do music but this does not have anything to do with my career. How could I ever be comfortable with pictures like that on the Internet? Right now I have not even eaten from morning, the way mi shock.”

Ikon D Link is famous for climbing the ZIP FM tower this summer because his songs weren’t being played on the radio.



  1. How does it “mash up business?” I don’t get it.

  2. she shock like electric! yow Ikon juss gwan bear it my yute, nuh badda jump