Jahmiel – Wanna Be Free Lyrics

Am go live it up
Things go change
Daddy soon stop walk
Am o get him that range

Prepared for the future
Forget about the past
Run away, run away, mama am o come back
Soso rain everyday meck yo think a true mi black
A took a likkle that clock tic toc

Mama I cant take this no more, no more
Wanna be free at last

What about the poor
Wanna be free at last

I wanna be free, free
Wanna be free at last

(Verse 1)
Free from the struggles of life
Mi no have a house fi walk twice
Bigger heads have mouth weh have spikes
Your life growth but not mine
I no badmind fi yo success
But remember the poor have much less
And if a never our nuff sweat
Like we you would a broke and upset

(Repeat Chorus 2X)