Busy Signal – Still A Lock The Streets Lyrics

(Verse 1)
And right yah now mi seh wi still lock di the streets
Wi thing still grease
Wi friend dem still a lock the thing out a east
Mi still no like the mark a di beast
Mi still no like pork, nor fish, nor beefs
Mi still link di girls, but mi still naw go feast
Mi still no like informer, rapist nor theft
Mi still rate the gangsters who past rest in peace
Mi still no like no strange face man
Ao good lippo

Caw dem know we naw join certain crew
Me naw bun dem like a ciga
Ret si dem a fret and the things dem no even buss yet

Dem fi know we naw follow back a, we a leader
Wi no charge fi mistimina
Ask di media, dem style yah kick dem like a fifa

(Verse 2)
Please call me no bwoy cyaa send I that
Cause a nough a dem out deh a work fi crime stop
If yuh si the ghetto youths a hunt food no try stop
Squeeze wid these city weh die to life stop
Kaine kill Able dem youth yah not changing
So wi naw go si Judas and tame him
Johnny deh a jail true him next brother frame him
Work house dem have him a slave him

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Hey this bigger than a monster
Spread over the whole place like a cancer
Not tek no chat, no tek back answer
Hey Tommy get hill a try figure da song yah
Alright, no rats cyaa run inn paw my cheese
Dem cyaa track mi down wid them devices
Mi stay higher than di high trees
And when mi step dem cyaa cut my speed

(Repeat Chorus)