Agent Sasco – Bad Man Ting

Nuff a dem a pose and a pose like the bad man
Dem bad pon twitter and instagram
Get fi understand seh dem a badness
For dem mussi listen to Mi Bounty and Ninjaman

Cause hear that dem a seh that dem a bad man
Bad man supn a nuh talking thing
Go tell dem seh nuh fi play wid bad man
Cause bad man supn a nuh laughing thing

Wi nuh haffi talk bout badness
Cause bad man supn a nuh talking thing
Wi seh corner dash weh a nuh flossing thing
And when mi mentioned mi dawg dem a nuh barking thing

(Verse 1)
Tell dem nuh Andrew, wi nuh haffi talk weh wi can do
Walk wid the supn dem weh tall like a bamboo
Desert eagle, mouth triangle
Extension clip a shrub out a the angle
Nuh bwoy cyaa box mi after yuh nuh George Campbell
Mussi wid yo life yuh a gamble
Silencer out yo like candle
Killer full a manners, take yo life and seh thank yuh
Bwoy could a big and tick like Samson
Level dem down wid the tampson
Anytime allow point fly through tonsil
Bwoy left a ground like flight weh get cancel
Disrespect and meck wi set a example
Circle dem endz everything a get trample
Seh Charles a nuh Prinsamanson nor Branson
Gunshot in a face, nuh graze in a ankle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey a nuh chatting and nuh bag a lip service
Nuff a dem a chat like seh dem a keep service
Dem fi know seh mi gun crisser when mi burst it
Naw stick, a regular mi clip service
So that mean when the allow tip surface
Yo mother woman and yo guard ring cyaa reverse it
Sega tell spit fire like a furnace
It nuh need no permit
Left dem under ground like a turnip

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)