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Charly Black Ft. La Toya Linger – I Love You [New Music]

Dancehall star Charly Black drop a new single featuring La Toya Linger “I Love You,” off the Currency Riddim, produced by Dane Raychords.

Mi waan fi back it up paw you
Come yah gyal, mi c–key tough
Suh back it up gyal, come back it up
Yo pu–y buff, yo pu–y nuff

Gyal mi love it when yo back it up paw me
Mi love it when yo c–k it up paw me
You never boring for me
Baby yo f–k mi anywhere, yo f–k mi anywhere
Look you fi look paw me
Gyal shake up yo bumper paw me
Yo seh yo waan write a f–k book bout me
But right now f–k mi anywhere, f–k mi anywhere

Listen full track below.


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