Assassin (Agent Sasco) – Sekkle An Cease Lyrics

(Verse 1)
And mi seh sekkle and cease
Buss a blank if yuh please
Yo will call police if the real thing squeeze
Cho, all a the G’S dem weh sipping the Guinness
From the spliff dem no season gwaan blaze the trees
Watch yah, clarks boot in white teas
Badman yo could never see in no tight jeans
Still get the ticky when wi rock the Nikeys
Yo si mi in a mi fitted, New Yark Yankees

So the whole a Brooklyn 90’s
Frock Bush to Branx, mi cyaa left out Queens
Cyaa left out the gyal dem, love dem up from in a mi teens
Yes the gyal dem a mi honey, mi sting dem like beas
But way before mi teens from mi eyes deh a mi knees
Gyal itch on paw mi like seh mi and dem a symies
Have a gyal name Mrs Chin, Chinese
Two a wi get a pickney weh favor Guyanese
Anyway gyal addicted to mi like feens
A mi dem seh dem waan, waan, syrene
Bwoy seh dem a gyallis dem no in a my league
Caw dem cyaa get no gyal if dem no blow like breeze
Some bwoy gather round fi theft flows like these
Dem coming like pirate pon the high seas
Then how dem maga thing deh and dem a no piecese
From yo happiness a bun dem smile and seh cheese

Dem meck the mad doctor drop in a the lab again
A problem
Then how the money wa wi spend a that a bother dem
A wa do them
From dem a move so dem cyaa hail mi like no cab again
Mi seh this left dem in a problem

(Verse 2)
From mad riddim play mi haffi drop a flow
Take a picture meck yo feel like seh yuh a watch a show
Mi did tell yo bout the bwoy dem wid tattoo in a back a show
Pants down a knee wid the crack a show
A who a tell wi dem a star and never pack a show
Never rock a show and give the audience a proper show
Well this a crem della cremmie
Cream a the crop
That mean seh a right yah now the toppa, toppa, show

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)