Ishawna – See My Name In Lights Lyrics

Just like thr sun my future bright
I ain’t gotta see my name in light
So am trying harder and harder

Haters don’t wanna see me drive
They can never stop a star
Cause am striving harder and harder

(Verse 1)
Certain things mi naw go do fi him mind
Mi no waan no short cut mi wi join the long line
Naw bow, keeping my head up high
Mama told me when a my time a my time
This a fi some fool weh a pree mi
Mi have it rough, mi no have it ease
Believe mi, it grieve mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Victory is near I know
So them cyaa stop my flow
I keep my eyes on the prize
True mi know weh mi no owed
My pay day soon come close
One day mi must reap weh mi sow
Hypocrites trying to break me down
But am o keep fighting till the casket close

(Repeat Chorus)