I-Octane – Gonna Do [New Music]

Dancehall star I-Octane drop a new single “Gonna Do,” off the Control Riddim, produced by Fire linkz.

Yo nuh si a wi a run the place
And the claffy dem nuh have a clue
When the shot a road a wa the hell dem a go do
From yo dis the patton yo missing like a the shoes
Live fi si tomorrow likkle bwoy nuh bruk the rule

Suh wehn yo sit down paw wi name nuh meck it reach back to wi ears
Cause wi cut the link like how a barber cut hair wid a share
Burn a parasite wi nuh response, wi nuh care
And wi nuh mini bus suh wi nuh need fi carry fair
Bag a mouth a chat, bag a word a chat
But Bryka wi nuh care caw wi nuh nam from people pot
Wi nuh listen to parrot, unuh nuh si a duppy that
Meck man a call dem apple cause a mack dem come a mack

Listen full track below.

One Comment

  1. octane biggup bredren. it bad