Alkaline – Anywhere We Go Lyrics

We get any gyal
Get any gyal
That a anywhere wi go
Mount a bwoy gyal wi a f–k
And the f–ker dem don’t even know

We get any gyal
Get any gyal
That a anywhere wi go

Anywhere wi go
Anywhere wi go
Tek weh

Anywhere wi go
Anywhere wi go

(Verse 1)
Chrome seh Alka how you suh cold now
How you fi tek the man one gyal turn yo own
Dawg yow a suh the thing a roll
And suh man wealthy mi get any pum, pum
If you never hear get a tone down
Pon the Mobay side a real gyal zone
And mi nuh haffi talk yaw dawg
As mi seh hello draws tek off start morn

Mi a the real teacher in a the gyal class
Tell a wanna be seh di go home
Nuh vex if mi tek weh yo gyal
The lend yo back dawg that a student loan
Why mi have so much pu–y all bout
In differentiate shape fake friends like you now
All mi song soon start f–k it self
Cause too much pu–y picture in a mi phone
Good looking, light skin, full a tattoo
What a blessing
Straight Lui V weh mi tek out lattice waan nam mi
True mi dressing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi f–k she, mi f–k she to
Would a call name but mi nuh need to
Wa meck yo feel mi suh pu–y claat lie
Nuh gyal cyaa tel yo mi nam underneath yo
Mi gyal friend know how the thing go
And shi haffi build or else shi wi get a right
No gyal cyaa clown man dawg
After mi nuh Killer nor batty man Foota Hype
People seh mi chat a bag a madness
Anything mi seh meck sense
Just pree
How you fi tell mi you a gyallis
From yo born dawg yo never catch a STD

(Repeat Chorus)