Gage – Standing Firm Lyrics

Standing firm pon the ground
DJ firm like a big bad sound
Straight like a arrow and wi never a go round
Wi nah sell out like weh some bwoy do to Mr Brown
Some a Ansle and some a Gretel
Nough a dem lost not a story to tell
So mi haffi big up to Vybz Kartel
Big up bounty killer dem deh man deh meck the music sell

(Verse 1)
Man a real, real, real, real, yard man
Nah go sell out fi go broad land
Bwoy try diss better run up and down
So unuh tell that to the Sergeant
Dem come like candle mi out dem
Things could a tall like mountain
Cyaa diss a man from Maypen not even mention ma from Town then

Let me touch another topic, things a gwaan and dem fi stop it
Lock off dance and raise up tole
Hi better mi stuck in a traffic
Everywhere have sea and sand
Stop try trick up Jamaican
A no that meck tourist come yah dem just love the tradition

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From mi chadding to the kings high way
Yo know seh man a ball head
So more time mi haffi bun a craving A
The system a beat wi like slave
And mi soon turn old man all mi hair soon gray
In case yuh no know a Mr Douglas son
Mi use to chicken back and corn meal when it tun
A Gage man name money mi seh a no fame
So mi friend dem a go deh, deh, when the kart wheel turn
Some artist lose dem tongue or is it that dem dumb
Dem stressing to the limit and dem start shot rum
Dem lock off like JPS mi wonder how comes
But step aside and welcome the burning sun

(Repeat Chorus)