Chilando – Clear Mi Way Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Why me a dem target
Why a me dem waan come spar wid
Waan tek information fi go carry back
Or go sell down a market
Dem nuh real to dem family
Suh tell mi how dem fi real to you
Dem no have nuh loyalty
Waan the royalty
Mi naw join dem bad mind crew

Clear mi way
Hear mi, clear mi way
Bad mind cyaa stop mi nuh day

Clear mi way
Hear mi, clear mi way
Heart clean everyday mi a pray

Clear mi way
Hear mi, clear mi way
From mi real link dem mi naw stray

Clear mi way
Hear mi, clear mi way
Caw mi naw meck yo stop my pay

(Verse 2)
Watch over mi Jah
Dem nuh waan mi climb up the ladder
Waan tears drop from the eyes of my mamma
Waan si mi drop down that dem rather
Waan mi turn gun man, waan mi turn robber
Yea, but mi haffi give thanks to the most high
To the most high yea
Yo seh Chilando, dem cyaa stop you all dem a try

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
JJ seh when yo stop my food how mi live
How mi provide fi mi kids
And yo waan mi walk a mile carry water
Fi reach to a broke down bridge
Meck dem know you a sit down and a pray fi mi dead
Waan mi body down a morgue pon the fridge
Long time seh yo dig my grave
But make sure seh a two hole yo dig
All when dem set dem trap mi still a rise to the top

(Repeat Chorus 2X)