Khago – Inna Di Party Lyrics

Inna the party, inna the party
Champagne a fly like birds and a cost mi
Inna the party, the party
The gyal them wicked and so naughty

Inna the party, this yah party
Nough gyal deh yah and some bwoy donse
Inna the party, the party

(Verse 1)
Have 3 ghetto gyal paw mi pay list
For man a general, tonight man a spend careless
Every gyal a fi mi gyal
The Appleton Vodka slop weh mi eye ball
Phone a ring mi no answer no stress call
Mi naw stunt man a do it fi real
Kick weh da bar yah fi real
Security lock da door deh please
Every gyal yah drunk fi free

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Nicki badder dan send on the new liquor
A weh da one yah name brain flicker?
Mi mix up Ciroc and Grey Goose
Mi eye flicker
The gyal them a put it paw twitter
He Mr Witter, some man forward fross already
Ciroc on the rock that a pop a meddy
Shi and are friend them done get zip already

(Repeat Chorus)