Bugle – I Don’t Worry Lyrics

I don’t worry bout dem pagans
Mi done si dem through mi raven
I don’t worry bout dem roaches
Cause mi done know mi baygon
I don’t worry bout drive
But mi worry bout dead
Mi no worry bout wah gone already
But mi worry bout wa no gwaan yet

(Verse 1)
Hey Jah Jah have a plan fi every man
That’s why mi no worry bout no one
Wa mi do a stay focus stay strong
Pay attention to the journey wa mi deh pon
People always a go have bad fi seh
Develope negative inna positive today
Hey they just always talking
But the time when yo lose a the time when yo quit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi serious wid my thing mi naw play
Fi the work wa mi a do dem cyaa pay
No matter how life clorry it fix in a hurry
Only way mi a go worry if mi cyaa pray
Member fi every action there is a reaction
Negative or positive choose yo adoption
Yo cyaa be a real man but I can
Cause a Jah Jah me rely pon

(Repeat Chorus)