Alkaline – One Inna Dem Head Lyrics

Fi mi a just one in a dem head hi nuh
All mi need is a rental fee and meet dem bed hi nuh
One in a dem head hi nuh

Man a wash dem under pants
Pu–y you a go dead hi nuh
One in a dem head hi nuh

Bag a pu–y mouth artist a chat
Cyaa defend wid yo
One in a dem head hi nuh
And yo better don’t bloodclaat stop pon the road hi nuh

(Verse 1)
Pu–y hole a weh yo think
Mount a don weh mi si drop
Suh mi nuh frighten fi link
Bloodclaat head open
Bag a people a tek yo picture
In a blood yo deh a swim
Fire one in a yo skin
Run yo down pon the main
Fire, fire, in a yo skin
Everything mi si mi kill
Every pot, every plate
Every mumma rass a go sink

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Fame a get to mi brain
Suh mi head mad
Kill any body and get weh
Caw mi well bad
Everything a head shot
Old people seh mi evil
Dem know mi a go dead bad
Fire, fire, tek shot
Before yo thing fi go run youth
Yo don’t got ahead back
Every station mi red hot
Daddy seh yo done buss already
Just gwaan build, mi seh build back

(Repeat Chorus 2X)