Mavado – The Truth (Ghetto) Lyrics

Yo si the ghetto weh mi come from
Yo si the place weh mi grow
The moment mi open mi eyes
The people mi know

(Verse 1)
A nuff a dem nuh really waan si yo meck it in a life
That mi know

A nuff a dem try all fi hold mi down
And haffi let mi go

(Verse 1)
Dem penalize mi fi the picture dem perpetuated
And tell mi from the ghetto mi fi separated
But music a mi joy a it mi celebrate wid
Mi never born wid gold spoon a it mi elevate wid
So why you waan fi keep the youths uneducated
Jah si yo build yo prison dem incarcerated
Every ghetto have a star weh fi overrated
Yo meck it big dem seh yo gang related
But Jah, Jah, knows my heart stays in the ghetto
Even though you know that am so far

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem a seh love and dem nuh show none
Dem rather si yo slow down
In a dem time yah it nuh matter weh yo come from
Caw meck mi tell yo mi nuh trust and mi nuh owed none
I’ve seen so many things
I’ve seen parper turn to king
I’ve seen bird trying to fly away wid broken wings

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)