Richie Loop – Fake Lyrics

Mi si seh them fake
hem fake like a plastic bag
Dem no straight
Dem wi stab yo in a yo back cause them bwoy deh fake
Jehovah guide me
Jehovah guide me
From the fake friends them

(Verse 1)
Guess what? Senside them a pree man
Them heart dark like the midnight so mi know them a demon
Si some a them a sus and a talk
Senside watch yo foot step wentime you walk
You si me, naw meck them push my button
No bwoy cyaa disrespect me fi nothing
Them eye too red fi all the things weh mi got
But a long time mi know seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cause fake, some bwoy too fake
Them wi sell you out because them no have no head space
A smile and a grin in front a yo face
And behind yo back them a tie yo shows lace
Mi no trust them, mi no trust them no
A never so mi stay from mi likkle and a grow
Some bwoy just too bomboclaat fake
So mi no waan no friend from them

(Repeat Chorus)