Laden – Nuh From A Chat Lyrics

Them pu–y deh weh have man name a call, call
Bout them a the baddest thing in a dancehall
True mi a sing some melody like Sean Paul
Go s–k yo mother wid a straw weh tall, tall

Masicka, mi no tek no form a chat
And mi serious than when Husama chat
Them pu–y deh no have no corner lock
Go stuff yo big head under yo mother frock

Mi no tek style up Masicka
And mi no care who fa blood waan hot till hi boil up
When the war start don’t call no oil up

(Verse 1)
Masicka, everyman in a mi team a killer
Steam him up wid the rifle wid the beam a killers
Shot nam him up like some real jaculars
Hi by or drive by mi seh in a Bimmas
Yo wi dead in a the road or when wi clash a sting
Lyrics chop him up fast, fast, yuh think a flash a stink
Yow, yo feel yo bad true yo flip up pon Assa Sink
And wi all know seh yuh no bad like one a Cassa flim
Likkle fool yo call mi name yo si how fast mi appear
Mi buss the rifle marrow lost in a year
Yuh love fi chase a gyal draws yuh a wear
A play like yuh tough when yuh soft
Yuh is a pear
Wud a throw and a bay wud a fling
Never hear seh a man mouth kill a thing
Masicka wa yuh know bout killa thing
Love call man fish and yuh a fin

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yuh no have no gun a fire
Only thing yo have name gun
Yo gyal seh a guneriah
Bullet wi bun up yo skin just like when them bun a tire
Yo life cyaa save by no pastor when them seh a work a prayer
Buss him head meck them talk bout it pon the radio in a higher
Mi no have yuh as them own tug
Yuh only walk around and throw wud
Mi wi meck them find yo body drown in a yo own blood
Pain Land, tell the p—y mi no stone bud
Likkle bwoy go learn fi DJ or go resign like PJ
When yuh hear the song mi know yuh a go stuck it pon replay
If yuh never know mi wi kill yuh in a the real way
Ask Andrew Blacks and DJ how me stay
Mi head hot, lone pepper
Weh fasck? Them call mi road pepper
This likkle fool violate
Butter him never know better
Heart cold no sweater

(Repeat Chorus)