Gyptian Ft. Joshua – Mek It Burn Lyrics

Wi push it meck it burn
Push it meck it hurt
It’s God waving
And God’s wailing

Push it meck it burn
Push it meck it burn
If God’s screaming
Whole heap a wailing

(Verse 1)
Every minute, every hour well a me shi a call
Check seh mi small, when shi find out mi tall
When mi twist it and mi turn every time shi a bwal
Left off a the bed and a climb pon the wall
Me and her get up, naw get up
Same time shi a back it up
Shi no like smooth play
Shi like when it ruff
Shi want the thing hard and tough

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bite hard pon a pillow
When mi start to increase up the pleasure
Shi seh it burning because it so far in
Shi a scream out and meck some noise in a the house
Shi try fi run but mi just hold her down
Beat it up like a drum
She try to run up there is no other way to run
Mi seh no think but just fun
Fun till sun come down
Cause like a river draw down mi seh the place wet now

(Repeat Chorus 2X)