Masicka – Ready Lyrics

Am gonna live my life
Am gonna do what I want

(Verse 1)
Spliff up, cups up
Gyal a look paw mi shi waan f–k, f–k
From mi want yo gyal then shi must cut
Seh shi waan fi do mi like a s–k, s–k
Man a beat up the supn, touch luck
Buff, bap, budum, like rough but
And if yo feel down, mi c–key up, up
Shi light supn, and drink supn

Roll out clean mi ready
In a the street again
Jah know what a feeling
When mi round the whole a my friends

Roll out clean mi ready
In a the street again
Every gyal seh dem want a f–k
Watch bad mind a beg

(Verse 2)
Tun up the music
Gyal a bubble like seh shi loose it
Put mi hand paw yo pu–y don’t move it
And shi a bubble to the beat and a groove it
Hennessy meck mi friend dem a act foolish
Wi a shout out loud seh wi soon rich
From the trees drop a ground then a new spliff
Easy wi tek a bwoy gyal yeah wi too swift
And wi a ball dem like Bayern Munich

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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