Konshens – Winning Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi coming from round a dutty road
Round a hungry lane
Round a white squall avenue
Go through the hardest to make it
What you think a ni–er like me gonna do
You can call it hype if you want to
You can say mi boasty
Member you never know mi
When mi did a hustle fi the trophy

F–k you am winning, winning
Smile everyday, grinning
Highest blaze in expensive sipping
Wid the latest designers fitting

Am winning, winning
Smile everyday, grinning
The fat thing wipping
Wid the day one ni–ers dem with wi

(Verse 2)
Dem talk all the time
Mi stop hear
Dem a look fi mi, am in thr sky’s
Am not here
Mi hustling from cane rows and plat hair
Not even a freezer cyaa cool down da hot air
Mi name deh pon dem girlfriend lips, and her tongue to
Even though wi did have to buy a extra mount a gun to
Dem a glorify the wrong things, but a nuh we that
Meck money, own thing, live life a we that
It’s so easy fi tek a life
But it hard to protect a life
So ghetto youth, member seh the reason wi work
Haffi give wi self a better life

(Repeat Chorus 2X)