Zagga – Prayer A Day Lyrics

A prayer a day keep the devil away
Seh you hoping and praying
But yo prayer naw reach you
Wonder if a sin or a true yo start bleach

(Verse 1)
If everyday the bucket go a well
One day the bottom a go drop
If everyday the rat a theft the cheese
One day the trap a go snap
If everyday you hope and pray
And the seamen fail
Just keep on praying

That things go come your way
Seh change go come your way
And things go come your way
Seh do it a prayer a day

(Verse 2)
Too much pressure in a pipe a go burst that
How you fi no have no fear and deh a bus stop
It’s like prayer without faith don’t make no sense at all
The almighty mi trust Jah
All when mi back against the wall
I know that he wont make me fall
So I never lose faith at all

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I believe, oh I believe
It’s never too late
For you to feel the relief
I can see, oh I can see
You never get what you want
You only get what you need

(Repeat Chorus 2X)