I-Octane – Call Me Over Lyrics

When the rain is fallen
And your body is calling
And you need someone to love you
Just call me over
Just call me over
Just call me over
And I will be there

(Verse 1)
Girl let me love you baby
Love you right like no one before me
Touch you baby, serve you right
Like no one before me

Baby let me take you to heaven
That’s where an angel should be
Girl you are amazing
Want you here with me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Sexy body
Himpi Skimpy
Gyal a loving yo want mi nuh in to skin teeth
Suh baby yo need fi link me
Meck mi touch up yo body put the loving pon she
Exhibition meck wi try it pon the concrete
When wi a drive try it pon the van seat
Loving yo want mi got it yah suh pon repeat
Yo no haffi plan fi it, just come fi it

(Repeat Chorus)