Ryme Minista – Grinch Christmas Lyrics

From every since
Who dem a try convince
Anytime mi hear bout Christmas
A bay screw and wrench
Mi get vex like Grinch

If a that dem come fi do again
Tell dem no bother try
Every year dem give wi prize
And likkle pepper light
It better if dem fix the road
And give wi more water and light
And no matter how the people talk dem naw listen the voice

(Verse 1)
Before yo tell mi that
Mi waan yo listen this first
Wi waan money in a wi pocket fi the Christmas
Youth from Rose Mount, High Biscus
Dem waan money in a dem pocket fi the Christmas

Come off a mick list wi have something fi discuss
Wi waan money in a wi pocket fi the Christmas
A know yo never come a Pen come link us
Wi waan money in a wi pocket fi the Christmas

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey Santa, man nuh pretty suh no pretty up nothing
Nuff youth a eat chicken back
Wish it was mutton
Dem no cater fi the garrison a city dem open
And mine how yuh a talk before mi go lift up supn
Listen da one yah like a mp3
Caw ghetto youth a watch yo like a MTV
Fi da year yah wi no waan no Christmas tree
Wi want another MCD

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Hey Santa, no bother tell mi bout no merry christmas
And mine mi meck somebody haffi bury christmas
How the bomboclaat yo know mi have a good year
God know when man a suffer and fraid fi discuss
Months and weeks, ans daily we cuss
And mi never si no snow fall round here

(Repeat Chorus)