Christopher Martin – We A Di Vibe Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Sun is out and the girls dem fralikin
Wi nuh come in yah fi pose like mannikin
Mi seh mi want a girl fi wine pon
Suh right yah now mi a go find one
Hennessy and Champagne a money mix that
Wi have the likkle waitress foot a run hot
Suh from yo ready fi wi party
Hand in a the air and meck wi start hi

Cause anywhere we go it comes alive
Cause a we a the vibes
Bare girl surround wi when we arrive
Cause a we a the vibes
Put your hands up in the air
From you and your crew is up in there tonight
Without wi the party wouldn’t nice
Cause a we a the vibes
The vibe, the vibe
Mi seh a we a the vibes
The vibe, the vibe

(Verse 2)
And mi seh music a pump up, gyal a jump up
Liquor in a mi hand and mi a get crump up
Gyal in a mi hears a seh shi waan some
Mi seh the party soon done suh calm down now
Mi nuh ready fi go a mi bed tonight
A seven gyal in a the party and dem want a ride

(Repeat Chorus 2X)