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A Mavado And Vybz Kartel Collaboration In The Making

Mavado recently visited Vybz Kartel in prison and sat down and talk with the incarcerated dancehall star.

The two dancehall hitmakers have long buried their old beef and now they could be working on a new collaboration.

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Sources connected to Vybz Kartel told Urban Islandz that a collaboration is one of the things that they spoke about.

“A Vado and Kartel collaboration would be huge for dancehall,” the source told us. “They had a lengthy discussion and one of the things they spoke about with definitely a collaboration. Vybz has a huge catalog of materials that he recorded before going to prison. So fans can look out.”

Since starting his life sentenced in April this year, Vybz Kartel manages to maintain a strong presence on dancehall airwaves.

Earlier this week Mavado posted a message on his Instagram page shouting out Vybz Kartel.

“6 years ago when the world cry about GULLY and GAZA keep your head up any where you are in life street ni–ers till death a dat mi say bless up the youths all over,” Mavado wrote.

Mavado has also been pushing the boundaries on the international market particularly in the U.S.

Do you think a Mavado and Vybz Kartel collaboration is possible?


  1. This would be a huge hit. And to the person who said kartel recorded nuff stuff beforehand is lying. He releases and new songs every few days. Alkaline dissed kartel in a song today and he’s already replied.

  2. Looks like there’s no stopping Kartel…

  3. great movie on mavado’s part

  4. yeahhhh

  5. …dafuq is wrong with you people??! The man is doing 35-to-life for murder and here you are singing praises to him! What part of CONVICTED MURDERER don’t you people understand??!

    • we know we get it .but no matter wat u say kartel makes good music and that’s wat I appreciate about him . I don’t agree on what he did but I don’t need to judge him on that I care about his music not his lifestyle .their is a lot of murderers in this world that done far more worst then what he had done so .I let god deal with it .

      • I’ve always been fascinated with those who refuse to judge people! It seems as if your religious beliefs prevents you from being and acting human. We ‘judge” people everyday, there’s just no stopping it. It is hardwired into our brains. The saying, “Only God can judge” is one of the biggest lies ever perpetuated by religious doctrine!

        You make the false claim that you care only about a man’s music but not his lifestyle. I call it a false claim because if kartel was married to a man, you and a whole lot of other people who don’t judge would have nothing to do with him.

        Which brings me to my point…you’re willing, ready, and able to ignore kartel’s crime of murder, but if he were a homosexual, your judgement of him would be final.

        That’s right longdready! I said it. I called you a hypocrite.

    • some people like myself believe he is not guilty and I believe he will win his appeal so you got to understand that’s the way we feel I understand that you feel he is guilty and it’s all

      • Feelings don’t put people in prison. Feelings sure as f#ck won’t get them out.
        I wish you the best of luck with your feelings.

      • I feel really good about his appeal

      • I feel sorry for you that you’ve thrown in with a convicted murder. …makes me wonder how you would feel if he killed one of your family members over two rahtid shoes??!

      • Yes he is a convicted murderer but that doesn’t mean he did it

      • I think you’ll catch a clue when he comes up for parole in 35 years. His appeal is not special by any means. Every convict appeals his/her sentence.

      • Let me ask you something did you like kartel before all this? Or did you dislike like him ?

      • Your boy kartel fell from my good graces when I found out he was bleaching his skin. At first I didn’t believe it. I was in full denial. WTF does a Black man who lives on an island full of Black people want with bleached skin??! Jamaica was the last place I would have thought skin tone mattered. I mean it’s bad enough that we speak the language of our former colonial masters, practice their religion, share in their cultural proclivities; that wasn’t enough for kartel, he wanted to look like them too. If Clive Williams was a light-skin bruddah he probably would have gotten off with a severe beating. Your boy kartel has no love for dark skin people. I have no love for a murderer.

        Your boy killed another over the loss of two guns. Dafuq Ross?! Even if you put a dollar amount of a grand on each gun, kartel threw away his career for a little more than 2 grand. Is the life of a Jamaican worth less than two guns? Was kartel’s freedom worth killing a man for? Shouldn’t kartel have been trying to build up Jamaica instead of acting like a criminal overlord terrorizing the community?! He’s where he belongs locked up with the rest of the animals.

  6. LetTheTruthBeTold

    And the sad, sad, thing is . . . they collaborate now, and let’s say Vybz is miraculously released, he MAY still try to kill Vado because Vybz is innately badminded. INNATELY!!!

  7. larnelle® worl boss

    looking forward to it trust me

  8. jazzy baby official


  9. that is what dancehall needs, our giants need to collab and build up the music and mek di thing vibesy. Unite and tek it to di world, dancehall has suffered because none of our giants and heavyweights were working together. this was a long time coming. by now we should have had donia and kartel collabs, donia and vado, bounty, beenie, ninja, busy, saw, tifa, vinci, spice, konshens, demarco, octance, popcaan, etc… and then shell dung di american market and mek some sick collabs with them as well. but we cyah reach noweh till we work pon our sittin first.

  10. This would be a huge hit I hope they collaborate

  11. This would be BIG