Bramma – Freedom Fighter Lyrics

Man a freedom fighter
Man a freedom fighter
Mi do this fi Marcus Garvy
Mi do this fi Nanny and Bogle
Sam sharp Malcolm dem a mogle
Nelson Mandela member his show yuh

Man a freedom fighter
Meck yo fist wi a freedom fighter
Oh God man a real old survivor
In a the gideon man a real fighter

(Verse 1)
Yow, ma tep in a the gideon
Now a days everybody waan be the man
Most people get caught in a religion
And dem don’t si the fact is that it’s causing division
Some a hustle out a mini van
Sufferation in a the island
Tek it over like Gilligan
Dem a treat wi like criminal
Armageddon time come look pon the people dem a signal
And now it get critical
Genaside warfare digital, that typical
Mi nuh in a spiritual ritual
From mi forefathers

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yow, meck mi tell yo wa a gwaan
Dem a tek the mark, the tripple 6 in a dem palm
Dem a trick the pickney when the baby dem a born
Man a meck tropical storm
Hear mi a warn
Tell the government fi tek a stand
A nuff innocent youth a run all Remand
Oh God when the beas dem a swarm
Tek weh yo self when dem ring the alarm
Friend a kill friend now a days that a dem norm
Haffi watch yo self because the cycle goes on
Tell yo seh wi come a long way from the fan
Still we must carry on

(Repeat Chorus)