Demarco – Seh Dem Bad Lyrics

So when yo si bank robbers pon feat
Flowers unready
Know seh a Sumercon dweet
Wi never left it
Wi shop a blacker van seat
When mi step out mi face tougher than a concrete

Bwoy from mi lead dem haffi pack up and leave
Wi have the arms like when you rapped up and sleep
Eat bwoy food lunch time crackers and cheese
None a dem no bad wi meck another man grave

Talk seh dem bad
Mi watch deh show deh yesterday
Seh dem bad, mi watch deh show deh yesterday
A chat seh dem bad, mi watch deh show deh yesterday
Seh dem bad, and none a dem naw step mi seh

Jay day, yeh wi bad inna real life
Talk to dem
Mi seh wi bad inna real life
Wi naw pretend
Mi seh wi bad inna real life
A weh dem bwoy deh feel like

(Verse 1)
Rifle clap, family get depressed like yo singer del
Yes mack 90 inna yo ears like yo ring a cell
You no bad, one bag a story you being a tell
Chigger shell, dem find bwoy body dig a swell
Bwoy style out dated like enamel
Fi mi meditation deep like it inna well
No trust dem, dem no know weh mi being a dwell
Mi hard fi catch like the words weh a kid a spell

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem no know the street code
Dem only press 3 pon the Apple key board
Rifle weh tall like a soccer field goal
Meck mi full dem up a copper like mi stop a leave toll
You no blackberry bwoy so no bother feel bold
Clap it up bwoy a shake like a man weh real old
Bine james bwoy skin color like a cheep gold
Informer get shot inna face through a peep hole
That’s why anytime mi do bad
Bwoy haffi meck head lines like a do rag
Drop out like a loose bag
Meck loose chad, family ball too sad
Dosh bag, bwoy hart softer than a juice bag
Left bwoy a bleed like gyal when dem use pad
Whole a dem a movie actor, Tom Cruse bad
Dem confuse bad
And every man weh roll inna the crew
Strap up like a john sport school bag

(Repeat Chorus 2X)