Tarrus Riley – Jah Jah Run Things Lyrics

Guide I and I Jah
Be with I
Guide I and I Jah
Cause it no easy
Guide I and I Jah
Protect me
From all of the negatives against me

(Verse 1)
When the enemies come to eat my flesh
They gonna stumble and fall
Jah never fail I yet
And when dem come in a dem tens and thousands
They fall one by one
And am still standing strong

Jah, Jah, run things yo hear?
Jah, Jah, run things
Suh wi no fear
Jah, Jah, run things
Wi nice, keep us safe in a perilous times
Jah, Jah, run things
Yo hear
Jah, Jah, run things everywhere
He keep I and I for rival

(Verse 2)
Mi pay mi bills, mi pay mi rent, mi pay mi finds
Mi pay attention so no waste mi time
Mi pay the toll fi use the road when mi drive
Still mi nuh pay bad mind no mind
Si dem a plot, and dem a scheme, and dem a try
Dem waan mi stop, dem waan fi anchor I and I
But dem could a never conker I and I

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Whole heap a struggle in this concrete jungle
Dem a wild animal dem wi come fi you in a hurry
Cyaa trust yo right hand, yo left hand a trouble
Mi naw go fret no, mi naw go worry
Whole heap a test they are out there to brake you
More time the light got the tunnel likkle blurry
Waan steam mi rice and mi cyaa find the curry

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)