Karrueche Tran Fears Chris Brown Will Dump Her For Rihanna Again

Rihanna and Chris Brown are on speaking terms again and Karrueche Tran is in panic mode.

Last week Chris Brown revealed that he and Rihanna are close friends again but nothing too serious.

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“We’re friends,” Chris Brown told ET about his ex-girlfriend. “Nothing too serious… We’re not trying to start a life together right now, we’re just having fun.”

But one person in the equation is not too happy about that. Chris Brown on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran is worried that the “Loyal” singer will dump her again for his megastar ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

“Karrueche knows she can’t walk in Rihanna’s shoe when it comes to Chris,” a source connected to the couple told Urban Islandz. “She is worried and for good reason because both Chris and RiRi love each other a lot and anything is possible between those two.”

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown

The source also told us that Chris Brown promised Karrueche Tran that he will stand by her side.

“Karrueche has been loyal to Chris through thick and thin and he promised her that he will remain by her side but only time will tell,” the source told us.

Karrueche Tran is also rumored to be pregnant with Chris Brown’s baby.

Chris Brown is currently enjoying some success with his new album X released on September 16.

The album debut at No. 2 on Billboard 200 chart after selling 145,000 copies in its first week of release.


  1. It crazy that Chris and Karrueche both seem to be obsessed with Rihanna their the only ones talking, Rihanna is going with her life. He’s saying we’re having fun right now nothing serious, leads me to believe he’s holding out hope for a possible future with Rihanna (my opinion). As for Karrueche being fearful about him leaving her to go back is mind blowing that she’s allowing this young man to dictate her putting her life on hold because she knows he loves someone else. I don’t understand it, I pray they figure it out and can be happy!

    • RReminded mewhen riri was obsessed with Kae. Copying her outfits and changing her hair to ladylike (wjen we know riri is known for bold hair) and starting drama with kae by putting immature tweets. How contradicting. It’s good the hypocrite grew up.

      • Tasha u right rihanna need to let them be as far as I c it even if kea n chris dont last n am saying this because we cant predict the future rihanna need to fall back on stand by n wait her turn.btw what happened to her man looking bff Melissa welsey snipes looking woman

  2. Rihanna is not thinking about Chris Brown. He always seems to throw her name in the mix when a new album is coming. If they are friends, why did she completely ignore him at that basketball game? He needs to grow up and move on.

    • Raven u sound just lile ur name ravenous gurl ur rihanna ent thinking about u u guys worship this girl n all that comes with her the tackiness let me tell u something the only way she gonna gine happiness is by accepting she is not the sh– u guys have her all gas up talking bout navy this n navy that u love her so much tell her the truth be real that’s y am realist


    • man dont want Rihanna who man would take that to his parents not to even mention married please she is a wash with it all used up men no a real woman when they c 1.

      • They look cute n u no it this girl is naturally pretty n ur rihanna has to go the distance u no y because of her low self esteem u no how ppl no they pretty but still has doubt by seeking attention tell rihanna its not always about her..



  6. chrae all the way…

    • Shiley, you’re pathetic just like Karoochie

      • She’s pathetic because she stated her opinion the same way you stated yours? If anything you’re more pathetic writing novels about people you don’t know.

        As a matter of fact, anyone 21 and over encouraging this toxic relationship deserve to be on the bottom of the totem pole. Domestic violence isn’t sexy. dwl

    • Chrae noway u forgot to add no to the front

  7. Chrianna forever!!!!!! Its like going from a sexy ass grown woman in a whirlwind romance back to high school. Sophomore year high school!

    • U ent hear chris say he never going back he alone no what spider web he was in with Rihanna he probably had to dig out to much web from that pu–y this chick has to much drama he dont want her u will c

  8. Karrueche tran! Remember that you are a woman, never you be the reason why Relationship did not workout, Think about it.

  9. Chris and riri all the way…made for each other. .Tran just looking recognition

  10. Hahaha! Karrueche or kueche Goooo Go away from chris. Let him and Rihanna Leave there life together. Bye!

    • I agree this woman is an OBSTICLE

      • Huge obstacle in riri and Chris brown path. mama joyce needs to pray that OBSTACLE away. Gosh! But I tell you, in time to come Chris Brown will regret every moment he spends with this girl if he does not leave while she has no permanent hold on him. smh. All she is looking for is a foothold to be entitled to his wealth and you will see what is really inside of this girl’s heart. She will not stand by him for one moment after especially if he makes a mistake. Wait and see. She will make him pay for all that he is doing to her right now and seemingly getting away with. Her motives are very clear right now, and Chris seems to be blinded to this girl’s tricks because she has the potential to be very vindictive. You can tell from her posts and social media interaction. He needs to get it in his thick skull that Koorooche is NOT a victim. Rihanna is his victim. Karruche is an opportunist who is cleverly working to trap him. For example, if the media only make a false claim that Karucehe is pregnant, suddenly she starts posting pictures of babies and babies so as to get people talking. She is extremely manipulative and chris brown needs to be very careful because as I have always said, she is wrapping her cords around him slowly each day and sapping his strength. I hope he truly goes back to God and again ask for forgiveness so that he can remove the blindness from his eye s. This Buddhist girl is not for you Chris and your mother will never approve because she has your best interest at heart.

      • Beverly James…You hit it right on the nail, as I couldn’t said it any better…Chrianna all the way!!

      • roslyn n all the other navy ur rihanna is a wash with it chris loves kae its obvious look who his hugging in 2nd pic look first pic ur rihanna tagging head on his shoulder n his hands r lack together he ent even trying to embrace her last I check he said he never going back hehehehe aslo drake the same thing she holding his hand thirsty woman let the man hold ur hands how desperate can u be we all no u have sexs toys my advice to the navy n rihanna go back to Barbados n find a punk who would put up ur with desperate seeking attention self …bye bye

      • Go back to Barbados? I hope that you’re a White American. As a matter of fact I’d even take a Native American. These people think they own America….dwl.

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      • Do u own America n how that got in the convo fool rush in chat guan mi nah like u

      • You wrote: “how desperate can u be we all no u have sexs toys my advice to the navy n rihanna go back to Barbados n find a punk who would put up ur with desperate seeking attention self …bye bye ”

      • Damn you’re Caribbean. I actually thought you were some silly American. I apologize. Scratch everything I said.

      • Shut up fool you make no sense. Learn to write idiot.

  11. Karrueche DON’T ALLOW THE PAST WITH CHRIS & RHIANNA rent space in your or knock you off your square!!!!!! IF you allow Rhianna “the power” by exhibiting your fears either in Chris &/or her presence then SUB-CONSCIOUSLY YOU WILL PUSH him right back in2 her arms. First: take your fears & concerns to GOD via prayer; once you have you MUST BELIEVE he’ll do what’s right 4 you. Secondly: PRAY then turn your dilemma over 2 GOD & PATIENTLY wait 4 his answer (s). Thirdly: DON’T start nagging, arguing or complaining IF Chris should bring her up. Fourth: DON’T change your ways cuz of fear. But mostly keep the faith that Chris does love you & IS just friends w her; okay

    • Patricia Williams you are the biggest loser just like Karrueche. She fears he will go back to rihanna because she KNOWS WHERE CHRIS BROWN HEART IS and refuses to let his follow the woman of his dream. Karrueche is lying to herself just like you Patricia Willliams and she is paying a huge price for it. And by the way Patricia I believe your last name is Tran.

      • Yep. What she said!!! chrianna all day! Forever!

      • Preach!!!!! Chrihanna #1Love

      • Not an out where his heart is… cuz he has a good and healthy heart with Kae. Kae takes better care of him and he is normal and happy. .. but in his twisted mind men want what they cant have. Riri as trashy as she is being a ho bag makes chris give her attention and hurts him… she is famous and wanted by other men (or so he thinks) creatinf competition. That’s men natural response for ya. He is addicted to the drama. His heart isnt with riri

    • What kind of hog wash advise is that ?Did you not see how this woman was crying over the love Chris has for RI she knows whats up. KT would never be first in his Heart, so all the advise would never change it.Love is not something you buy, it is in the heart or it is not.