Chronixx Chastized The Jamaican Government

Rastafarians have never been fans of the Jamaican government and vice versa.

Young reggae act Chronixx is making his voice be heard on his thoughts on the management of the Jamaican economy via his social media pages.

This is what Chronixx posted on Instagram:

“Good morning Chronixx, you’re smiling! No, I’m laughing. I’m laughing at the Jamaica government! And the poor people who applaud them and hang orange and green flags outside their board houses and on trees planted on “capture land”. I’m laughing at this dumb government who have never erected a live music venue in honour of reggae music even though it is the only reason why people is still visiting this beautiful island of bankruptcy. I’m laughing because I know something that ‘they don’t know’.”

Chronixx comments caught the attention Culture Minister Lisa Hanna who responded to the reggae singer via her Instagram page.

This is what she wrote on Instagram:

“I love your music and your passion; however, I want to remind you that both yourself and other artistes are benefiting today from the trade agreements now in place for cultural and creative services. Just a moment ago, I concluded a meeting on foreign trade for cultural services, as already many of our cultural goods have zero tariffs for international trade. I have personally called you and left messages on your phone – and never get a response – because I would like to hear your ideas that can be implemented. Stop blaming and lumping ‘all’ politicians together, it is unfair and untrue. Blessed love.”


  1. Big up Chronixx, I love your conscious and uplifting music. JA govt need more than cussing.

  2. reggae artist owns the product reggae,
    so why are they cussing government