RDX – Whisper Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal come whisper in a mi ear seh yo waan gi mi a f
C–k up yah suh mi no care who si wi a f
Lift up yo skirt no position like duck
And a long thing mi just want a bruk
Some gyal hear naughty girl song and seh yuck
But a dem that a hide and s–k
Enough a that, drive up c–k in a yo light truck
If yo waan cry a fi yo bad luck

When gyal waan buddy, gi dem buddy meck dem gwaan
Pumps get so warm is like fire in a mi palm
Before yo stop out her hole try turn her on
Shi still a go rate yuh if yo tek one and gone
Two round in a the night c–key wake her in a the morn
Shi get wet and a blow hard remind mi of a storm
Her foot under mi arm, my wood a swell up
Like planting pon the form
Mi still a look a f off a fat pu–y Charm

Gyal mi no waan f yo come a f
Yo pu–y a go bun a taa
Supn big fi yuh rain a fall
Dash yo pretty pu–y paw me
Squeeze up the pu–y paw me
Brace back yo pu–y paw me
From yo slap on the lip glass mi know weh yuh a pree

(Verse 2)
Whisper in a mi ears
Back shot fi yo sweat a drip in a yo braids
Mi a come in a yo belly cause yo pu–y no have aids
Yuh seh Vodka mi seh Guinness and Grades
Climb gyal, climb pon the c–key like stairs
Wuk fi the money so yo pay haffi raise
Call Ragga Shanti tell him seh yo buck a badman
Fi meck yo go pon yo knees and give praise

When gyal waan buddy, gi dem buddy meck dem cut
Queen out a road in a mi bed room she’s a slut
Gyal s–k off mi c–key and play wid each nut
Him still a batty bwoy if him f girl in the but
Gyal drop draws a dirt, and c–k up in the hut
Big snake a crawl up in a gut
Low my gyal dem weh a give the good header
Si dem and keep yo dutty mouth shut

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)