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Chris Brown: “Jail Changed My Life”

Chris Brown says going to jail was perhaps the best thing that ever happened him and we have to admit he may have a point.

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Chris Brown says jail definitely changed his life.

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This is what Breezy said:

“It was just an opportunity with me being in jail and everything else that I had to kind of sit down and look at what I needed to change in my life and also knowing that I could have all the money in the world, I could be the biggest artist, but I’ll still be in that cell,” Chris said looking back on his recent jail time. “They’re bringing me little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and stale bread, roaches crawling. So, it’s one of those things… it’s a life changing experience.”

“It was God’s way of definitely showing me what was necessary… you get kind of convoluted in your own self and you think you’re invincible,” he explained. “Just to be able to look at my life and see it instead of, instead of going haywire… I needed to be more of a role model an icon with what I do, with my talent. I want to be known for legendary music and being one of the best dancers and stuff like that. I don’t want to be known for the mishaps in my life.”

These days Chris Brown is more focused on expanding his career with a brand new album X under his belt.

The album debut at No. 2 on Billboard 200 Chart with 145,000 copies sold in its first week according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The “New Flames” singer will also be going on tour with Trey Songz this fall.