Alkaline – A Bagga Tings Lyrics

Dem chat a bagga things
A thousand chat a bagga things
Dem seh a sucker but a thousand d–k
Dem si when yo nuh tek and when yo don’t si
Badmind a kimi crosses

Dem a seh this, dem a seh that, dem a seh this
The mount a jacket weh mi hear dem seh yo gi
Dem chat one whole heap a f–kry
Dem insect yah don’t even worth it

(Verse 1)
Hold up, just hold up
True the way everybody f– sah
Hold up
Shi no fi talk when shi f–k up
Da john crow dem sick stomach
Dem a rif roff product
Go deh mi gyal yo money nuff up
Gyal yo hot everywhere yo go
If a no fi green arm shi no tun up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Suh shi still a chatty, chatty
And a seh shi hotty, hotty
When shi don’t stay good
And a seh the man a fi her
Bag a money him a gi her
But just look at her hair now
Oh da tag dem drop in wid a slippers
Ok poppy show
So how the f–k dem yah nose naught yah waan fi style yow
No sah

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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