Woman Says Chris Brown Fathered Her 3-Year-Old Child

Chris Brown might already be a father if what this Atlanta night club dancer say is true.

According to MediaTakeOut, a woman known as Reign around the Atlanta night spots says Chris Brown is the father of her 3-year-old daughter.

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Reign recently file legal docs against Chris Brown for child support in the Fulton County Court.

Chris Brown was also in the news earlier this month after reports surfaced claiming that his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran is pregnant.

According to reports, Chris Brown is ready to have a child.


  1. Chris says he’s ready to have a child really I don’t think so maybe one day I think it’s not the right time . I mean he shouldn’t rush these things also he also breaks up and gets back with Karrueche a lot
    He always chances his mind If he does have a child with her I hope he commits to her .
    I don’t think think any man should have a child with there girlfriend unless there ready to do that .
    I think he could make a great father despite all the things that he’s been through . It could change his life around for the better it would make him grow up and be a much better person I think .
    I don’t believe that this woman is telling the truth unless she gets him to have a DNA test why would anyone wait 3 years too to tell the whole world that her baby is chris browns I think it’s not true .

  2. Why she wait 3 years before she make claim for child support if she’s sure the child is his? How come she never ask for DNA to prove it? Something don’t seem right here…

    • It took her 3 years to figure out how much she want to jack him up for. It’s unbelievable in a time like now people still having unprotected sex. WOW

  3. Take responsibility Chris if it’s yours. Woman where were you all this time?

  4. what a bloodclaat way trouble just follow this young man sah. feel sorry fi him now, low di yute to bumbaat