Bishop T.D. Jakes Suing Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar Over “Holy Ghost (Remix)”

Bishop T.D. Jakes says he owns intellectual property featured on Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar hit single “Holy Ghost (Remix).”

“Holy Ghost (Remix)” is featured on Jeezy’s new album Seen It All: The Autobiography released earlier this month and debuted at No. 2 on Billboard 200 chart.

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Jeezy nickname his Rolls-Royce holy ghost and you can see the Atlanta rapper riding in the back of the black luxury car in the music video for “Holy Ghost.”

On the remix for the track, you can hear Bishop T.D. Jakes preaching his popular sermon “Don’t Let The Chatter Stop You.”

Now the popular pastor is suing Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar for unauthorized use of the recording.

In a message posted on his official Facebook page, T.D. Jakes says he is taking legal action to stop the distribution of the single.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The ‘Holy Ghost’ remix by Jeezy featuring Kendrick Lamar was produced without the knowledge or consent of T.D. Jakes, TDJ Enterprises, Dexterity Music or its associated companies. We are taking the necessary legal actions to stop the unauthorized use of T.D. Jakes’ intellectual property.

Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar fans have been sounding off on Twitter questioning the legal actions against two rappers using a sermon sound bite to promote positive music.