Jahmiel – They Wanna Lyrics

Them might bad, them a no mi chargy
Toe tag them waan fi si paw mi
And mi no waan none a them call mi

They wanna kill I and think mi no know
That they were my friends
But they were just foe
Trust them fi watch mi head
And them waan si mi dead
Yes they wanna kill I and think mi no know

(Verse 1)
Mi feel the energy when they come around
Waan mi rest in a peace but is a bed on a ground
A no them alone can meck them weapon yah sound
Pressi, pressi, pressi like button deh pon a phone
Mi tel warrior from NY seh them guy
Smile wid yo, then try meck head fly
Herbs no have nothing fi do wid yo red eye
V12 park up now a Benz buy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a try elevate, segregate mi self from who no waan the youths meditate
Waan keep mi down like gravity
But mi fans a gravitate mi songs a dominate
Soon get nominate that mean mi have a graminate
And girls a seh mi sweet like sugar when it granulate
Badmind a try fi tek the things weh mi accumulate
A try fi box the food out a mommy and daddy plate

(Repeat Chorus 2X)