Gage – Teacha Knows Lyrics

Mi tek a walk in a the cemetery
Early this morning
Caw mi waan fi si one a the duppy weh dem claim dem calling
But mi never si nothing

Mi wi pop off the cannon
Level this wid one hand
Beat off da bunch
Nuh bwoy cyaa run up in a badman place
And dis mi then come out back
Mi wi meck head look like one a the f–king ball dem weh Chris Gayle bat
Any bwoy dis mi, yo family tell dem
Dem haffi rite dove cot

(Verse 1)
If yo brain chip mi got the goat
If it lock, glock got the code
Battery man cyaa run in a mi war
Battery a fi car alone
Fool, yo sit down a watch the load
Nuff a dem buss and crash the road
But if him a crush the street
Mi a press out the road without a board
Gum man, bad no bombohole
Hold mi gun like how mi hold mi own
Yo could a tough like keeper Stone
Head lift off like when waan leaf a blow
Down to teacher know
From people fi dead mi sleep a door
Anything dis gunman haffi go dead
Gage a go kill waan heap a crow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Walk alone, mi walk alone
Clarindon to Waterford
Talking a fi microphone
Seh dem bad, only night alone
Yo cyaa box mi
That a fi Micaloo
Sava the thing inside yo phone
Yo love wheely yo bloodclaat mouth
Tell dem that a fi bike alone
Mi a kill the dog and burn the bone
No angle at all cyaa get weh from mi hammer
A nuh fi Bounty own
Fool look how mi pumpi chrome
Kill nuff more man than
Murderers wi crash yo doom
From country go straight to town

(Repeat Chorus)