Stein – Kill Shot Lyrics

A gunshot mi talk wid
Any bwoy dis the link brain a fly like cartridge
Mi nuh fair people nuh business who dem spar wid
Telavill man dem slap gunshot in a yo forehead
A bullet mi talk wid

(Verse 1)
5.56 from the M16
Bruk bwoy skull like egg
When a one round mi slap out a the magazine
7.62 from the calish nicoff
Thick and kick out bwoy head like Bruce Lee
Mi no care who calling the cops

War time, send Emmy and Venom
Fi go buy some shots
Get bout 30 pain from a rifle grain
And soem 9 milli parabelom
Fi load up the MP5
In a bwoy head shot a drive
Mi a f–k up dem corner tonight
Tomorrow night bay candle light

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yow, Baby a wa do dem bwoy yah
Dem no know mi a f–king destroyer
Bwoy a beg and a scream like Maya
Mi still wet him up wid the 6 dyer
A nuff wicked kill mi inspire
Mall Road, Pain Land, Kentire
Dem love si blood run
Like a f–king vampire
Oil mi gun no bomboclaat soya
Buss dem head just like a car tire
Mi nuh fraid a people
Mi wi kill a f–king empire
Beat the mack 90 shot like a wada
Step pon dem ends kill mother plus father
Meck sure seh dem dead wid the likkle glock 10
Marrow fly like a flying saucer

(Repeat Chorus)