Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim Back In Court On Monday

Vybz Kartel legal troubles are far from over. The embattled dancehall deejay and his two co-accused Gaza Slim, and Andre “Pim Pim” Henry will be back in court next week Monday.

Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, Gaza Slim, real name Vanessa Saddler, and Henry will have to report to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s court for another mention of their ongoing conspiracy case.

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All three co-accused are charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice. The charge stemmed from an incident in October 2011 when Gaza Slim filed a false police report claiming that she was robbed by Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Cops called the report BS and launched an investigation that implicated Vybz Kartel and his friend Pim Pim.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentencing in a maximum security prison. He will be eligible for parole in three and a half decades.

If found guilty the three co-accused could be sentenced to up to two years in prison and fined.


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    • What happening with cloud 9?

      • That mousy chick upvoted Hen bough I have issues, meanwhile Zig’s coming up with elaborate ways of Kartel’s demise. The same chick who got into it with Zig? And pretty much told Zig “why u no likeey me because I likeey Kartel” whhaaa! I wonder if she’ll ever come out of her mouse hole. I think not! dwl

      • LMAO, I thought she was on Kartel’s team side, I guess she’s also excluding Vanessa. I can’t understand how you could defend Storm when he was supposedly there and left when he saw what was going down. Also he never reported it to try and prevent it from happening. He just make sure he got out of there. On the other hand you want to put Vanessa before a firing squad, getting 100 lashes, standing in her own feces. And her part wasn’t even physical in the so called murder. I just don’t get it.

      • I don’t hear none of these chicks saying “I don’t know how Vanessa let herself get caught up in this mess.” Vanessa should know better than these dude? Why?

      • Because they only have a heart for women.

      • I mean they DONT have a heart for women, for men it’s different…

      • Also on a lighter side, thank God Zig isn’t going to be a judge I guess. I wouldn’t want to be in front of him in court, even if it’s my first time. He def would show no mercy. I say we are Human and some of us will make stupid mistakes it’s when you keep repeating that I have a problem.

      • I think Zig is trying to test people. But I don’t think Vanessa deserves to be punish more than the men.

      • I ain’t lying I feel sorry for her. I can’t blame Kartel for what he supposedly asked her to do, but she should have said no she had a choice. I just hope she don’t get a long time on jail.

      • I feel it for her too but then again this is the same woman that tattooed his name on her.

      • Some of us women can do dumb things sometimes, I bet later on when she is older she will probably look back and wonder how she got herself involved in this…also maybe she was told it would affect her career if she didn’t. Whatever the case if she is guilty she should have refused.

      • This might sound a bit unorthodox and make me come across as a nut job. I say get one of those Psychic Detective to help locate Lizard’s body. These people are supposedly in contact with deceased victims.

      • Not a bad idea…

      • Zig starting to make me feel a way. I think he genuinely enjoy bytch slapping people. I wonder if he’s into BDSM?dwl

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      I’ve always wondered why kartel didn’t get the death penalty??! I would like to know how much it cost him to keep his bleached neck out of the hangman’s noose?

      • Gaza Slim deserves less than Siva! I don’t hear anyone ever talking about Siva(Shawn).

      • Don’t you worry none about Siva. By the time your ‘yet to be born’ kids are ready to graduate university, he and kartel will eligible to go in front of a parole board to beg for mercy.

      • What kids? My tubes are tied, my cats fixed. :)

      • …dafaq did you say??!

        Why don’t you want any kids, salena?

      • I am imagining it being a traumatizing experience for me.I also am imagining my body having to be rearranged and assembled back to it’s original state but still never fully recovering. I am imaging having to be reminded of what took place by this uneasy feeling.I am imaging still seeing reminders of what took place long after the ordeal is over.

        Now it’s get better ,I am also imagining having to bytch slap some dude who has the option to come and go as he please. The only thing guaranteed to stick around are babies and usually the women who give birth to them.

      • Salena ;-( don’t believe you. Doctors don’t usually do it even when you have kids you are too young. I tried when I was 28 and I had kids my doctor wouldn’t do it he said I was too young and asked “what if something happened to the kids I had, and I wanted to have more kids”.

      • My tubes are not tied. Taking the risk of being a single parent ,not to mention what if he turns out to be a jerk?That’s 18 years of dealing with him.

      • I see! You’re not a risk taker…you don’t gamble, spin the wheel, or rely on your lucky stars. Life is a but a great big chance, salena. If we don’t take it, then what the f#ck are we doing living it??!

      • We are now off topic. lol You actually think it’s worth the risk?

      • ;-) not 18 early twenties through college girl…

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        As a matter of fact, I’m slightly perturbed seeing my name so close to the word hate in your post. Regardless of that, I will not and do not hate you.

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  4. These insecure women always have Gaza Slim and her undeniably good looks on their minds.

    • For real girl, but them can’t take her looks which she was born with or her voice which was a gift. I pray she will get a break even if it’s a suspended sentence, if not and she get jail time she is not the first woman a go a jail and certainly won’t be the last. And she cannot get life she no kill no body.

      • I still haven’t heard why everybody else needs to come out of jail and get back in the studio,meanwhile Gaza Slim deserves the death penalty. I almost feel like bytch slapping that chick. roflmao

      • The reason is some women only sympathize with DI–S…

    • Everybody is entitled to one mistake in my book, it’s when you keep doing it over and over that I judge you. I personally pray her creator be with her and guide her all the way.

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        F#ck Vanessa. F#ck kartel…f#ck ’em all!

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  5. Well, at least that piece of rahtid dog chit Adidja Palmer has all that time to sit and reflect on his folly! He should have stuck to what he knows and leave murder to the professionals.

    Vanessa Saddler, on the other hand, better be praying to whichever God she fears the most that she beats these charges…jail/prison won’t do her looks, or career a lick of good!

    • There are no Gods to help her she will get what she deserves her voice nor looks cannot save her.

      • I don’t believe that! Jamaica is not Saudi Arabia where the condemned is sentenced to 100 lashes that would tear the flesh off her back and leave her standing in a pile of her own excrement…that’s what she really deserves.

      • Agree, but it is written in the stars they are hell bent on punishing Kartel and anyone associated with him, so they will do whatever they have to do to prove a point and bring them all down.

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      • An clearly you have issues, you do not know the meaning of ignore, I do, there I gave you the time a day. Next time I wont cause you really got some issues if you do not like someone else’s opinion ignore them and carry on with your day. Afterall you do not know me and vice versa carry on Selena carry on.

      • You’re opinion is null as the more and more you speak it takes on a bias approach. You condemn Gaza Slim’s actions more than the rest of the gang, really? I thought this whole thing is a conspiracy theory? So now we’re trusting these incompetent idiots who manufactured evidence with another person’s life? This just keeps getting better and better.

      • Sean Storm is innocent, but Vanessa is guilty and the verdict is life. So say the Haters.

      • These women out here professing their love for Siva when his ras was the one who brought Lizard to the house and practically deserted him when he saw what was about to happen. Gaza Slim was mentally present while the rest was physically present. But Gaza Slim deserves to rot in prison maybe even hanged upside down like a pinata,meanwhile the men deserves to be back in the studio. roflmao

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      • She and her flea Cloud9 could figure it out together, while I watch with my Inspector Gadget magnifying glass to see how it all works out. lol

      • *chuckles*
        …but wait. You believe kartel is innocent?!

      • What I think doesn’t matter at this point. I was implying that they all think that this is all one big conspiracy. And that Kartel may have been too influential, too overexposed, preached violence, bleaching, sexualization of women, degraded women etc and this apparently threatened the fabric of society. He was silenced ultimately for it with doctored evidence, invisible beings and 10 uptight prudes.

        Now these very same people with their conspiracy theory are now entrusting these authoritative figures with evidence to convict Gaza Slim. Gaza Slim it seems deserves cruel and unusual punishment more so than the more talented dudes who orchestrated this invisible murder. Who’s to say that this shyt won’t be more of the same? What happens if G.S. is convicted?What will happen if Kartel loses his appeal? These women are so delusional to put these talented dudes on untouchable pedestals. It’s such a shame that they can’t take their place.

      • Okay…let’s say I were to pick that up and run with it. If the “powers that be” thought kartel was such a threat to Jamaican society why then is he allowed to continue making music?!

        Vanessa, like all crims has to answer to the law. If she is convicted it will be due to the evidence brought to bear against her.
        Wishing and hoping are but two of the multitude of things which are inadmissible in a court of law. Conspiracies are, and will remain the brainchild of those who don’t know how the system works.

      • Didn’t they stop him from making music after he was convicted?

      • He isn’t making music in prison, it’s his huge catalog of music that’s coming out. That’s what they said. And Vanessa shouldn’t be called a criminal as innocent until proven guilty. And also a lot of innocent people do years in prison and called criminals and come to find out years later they are innocent…

      • I stand corrected…he himself refused to make music while in prison.

      • Wouldn’t the $ have gone to Lizard’s estate?

      • My dear I don’t give a frig what anyone thinks. Me no beg friend! You have more issues than I do. Saying someone deserves 100 lash and made to stand in a pile of crap is something a mentally sane person does? dwl Oh and agreeing that gays and lesbians should interlock their hands then jump off a cliff is something a sane “god” fearing person does? I’ll take being labeled as crazy rather than a delusional hypocrite.

      • That seems psychotic to me salena.

      • a minced meat dat! roflmao

      • “Saying someone deserves 100 lash and made to stand in a pile of crap is something a mentally sane person does?”

        It happens all through the Middle East and in many Muslim run countries. Those are the lucky ones. The less fortunate will lose a limb, or their head for minor infractions. Are you saying that Islam is a religion of retards??

      • I am saying they are the SCUM OF THE EARTH…

      • I’m saying that these delusional women who know about women’s rights in the middle east and to say that someone, a woman deserves that same fate are idiots. The men should be acquitted but Gaza Slim deserves to be beheaded with her breast exposed.

      • Whoa!

        Don’t get caught up in my hyperbole, salena.

        Vanessa is only looking at two years. There will be no exposing of breasts, no beheadings…and because Jamaica is not an Islamic caliphate, Vanessa stands a good chance of walking free.

        When it comes to Lizard’s murder, I believe everyone involved should be held accountable.

      • Lizard lived by the gun, he killed also and was no saint, and so he died the same way. What you sow you reap.

      • True dat! But we don’t give a free pass to murderers just because they murdered criminals. The boy kartel is not a judge, the jury, or the executioner by any stretch of the imagination.

      • I’m now saying religion kills more people than natural disasters, accidents etc. I’m now suggesting that we remove all the women,children,and animals from these depressing countries then nuke the savages. But then again even some of the women are just as crazy as the men. I have no solution to this problem.

      • The way I look at it, the solution is as easy as getting educated.


        I said it!

        To live one’s 21st century life based on the writings of an illiterate bronze-aged war lord who claimed he spoke with an angel is the exact definition of lunacy!
        Most of the characters in the Abrahamic religions if alive today would be either locked away in the loony bin, or prescribed a cornucopia of modern anti-psychotic drugs.

        What needs to happen if Islam is ever to emerge from the dark ages is the complete annihilation of the Koran…preferably by fire.

      • OMG!

      • Oh no Zig, u didn’t.

      • *chuckles*
        Yes I did! You know me! I like to start chit.

      • But this is all one big conspiracy!! Kartel has to do hard labor in the blazing hot sun, his skin ketchin bak colla. I’m pissed off for him!

      • Certainly it is! Adidja Palmer and his cohorts conspired to murder Clive Williams. That’s the only conspiracy I’m interested in hearing about, salena.
        If kartel didn’t lose two shoes, didn’t threaten to murder Lizard over their loss, didn’t attempt to pervert the course of justice…then he would be free, and as white as a dove.

    • You are onsessed with Kartel

      • F#ck kartel. Enough ghetto youths looked up to that man. He had all kinds of respect, and real power…not the power that comes out the business end of a gun, but the power to reach into the minds of people and show them certain things…

        To throw that all away over a couple of guns only goes to prove that kartel is nothing but a dumb f#cking idiyat criminal!!!

        You want to stand behind this rahtid piece of dog chit, you go right ahead. More power to ya!