Tommy Lee Sparta – Crows Lyrics

Hear the crow dem a cry
That mean dem ready fi feast
And people ready fi die
When a enemy rise a anyweh him wi lye

Mi a open up mi eye
Mi a open up mi eye
Mi a open up mi eye
Mi a open up mi eye
Mi brother kill a bwoy
A mi brother kill a bwoy

(Verse 1)
Meck no guy stab in a back
Crab in a barrel cyaa gi mi no chat
And anybody feel Tommy Lee a go flop
Drop it out a yo mind like a bomb a Iraq
12:15 study mi act
No study no in a that
Wi a put Alka in a pot
Wi Judas do to Jesus

Every Spartans fans meck mi hear Sparta, Sparta
We run the place like water
We study war like Author
And no gyal cyaa offer wi brata
Gun wi no short a
F–k round wi yo get slaughter
Every real spartan, dem a real bad man
Some bwoy dem a big likkle pluta

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Telescoping weh mi nah miss yo
Beat mi beat the winchester
Any bwoy weh pose up like domino
A get the worthy clip fi digester
A no beat wi beat yo when bwoy haffi dead
Gunshot greet yo laugh gone a mi bed
Pumpi rifle everything just a spread
Mi full a brain still dem drum up, drum up
4 5 greet skin burn up, burn up
CVM new man turn up, turn up
Mama blood pressure gone down

Dem waan mi regret everyday a mi life
But mi mother just a pray fi mi strive

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)