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Chris Brown Hangs Out With Rihanna’s Dad Ronald Fenty [PHOTO]

Chris Brown may not be getting Rihanna’s attention directly but maybe he will through her dad Ronald Fenty.

The “Loyal” singer and his ex-girlfriend’s dad were spotted having a chat recently at a celebrity basketball game.

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Chris Brown and Ronald and even posed for a few selfies together.

Sources told Urban Islandz that the two appears to be having a heart to heart conversation possibly about Rihanna.

Chris Brown and Rihanna father

Rihanna was also present at the charity basketball game in New York and publicly snubbed Chris Brown when he vied for her attention.

Sources close to the Bajan pop beauty told Urban Islandz that she has made it clear that she doesn’t want to get back in a relationship with him.

Chris Brown copped a plea deal and pleaded guilty on Monday in his Washington D.C. assault case. The singer was sentenced to time already served and walked free.

This mean Breezy will be going on tour this fall with Trey Songz.

Photo: Twitter


  1. weirdos

  2. Um but thats not Ronald Fenty, though! LOL! Just looks like him…yall are trippen

  3. Chris knows she loves him that’s why he keeps trying but the last straw was saying she wasn’t ready for marriage the last time They broke up when in reality it was him and unless you coming with a ring and a date maybe but looks like she’s done!

  4. Loser…just move on…don’t you get it? She don’t want you…go back to your rebound girl Karruche and stop sucking up to Riri daddy you look stupid!

  5. Chris Brown wants to have his cake and eat it too. I hope Rihanna Stands her ground and doesn’t talk to him until he has satisfied all her demands. Otherwise he needs to keep it moving.

  6. than chris brown doesn’t need to hanging around rhianna’s dad if she doesn’t want to get back into a realationship with him and said that to urban islands a few mintues ago

  7. This is not rihanna’s dad.. smh

    • You should be shaking your head at your own dumb self! Yes, it is Rihanna’s dad. All one has to do is Just google the pix of him. Same bumpy forehead, receding hairline, nose and all. Might I suggest you purchase a pair of glasses so you can see better.

  8. Ronald understands what Chris did to his daughter was in all ways wrong no matter which angle you look at it. Five years on from that nightmare and Ronald knows from his own experience that people can change and though a violent and abusive past is an issue they can both relate too, he always claimed that Chris had a good heart. Rihanna doesn’t hate or loathe Chris, they love each other but she decided what’s best for their relationship is to part ways and pursue their careers. Rihanna will have no problem with seeing these photos of her Dad & Chris because love and forgiveness go together!!!

  9. If that was my dad Chris Brown wouldnt have anymore teeth left. He beat your daughter and this is what you do.