Bugle – Life Goes On Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi know to how dem perfect this a supn dem race
Whole heap a psychology dem reverse
Yea, no meck dem swell yo head
Stay firm in a yo medz
Be careful wa yo study dem write rebook yo research
Jah, Jah, seh mi a go overcome I know I must prevail
Nah go sit around and be no clown
No follow mi no tail
When yo don’t rich dem avoid yo
Dem used dem law divide yo
Dem system no have no justice now dem justice system fail
But any man no wise, that mean yo naw go rise
Jah give yuh opportunities yo don’t capitalize
That’s why babylon and rasta man cyaa have no ties
Wicked guys dem cyaa look in a mi eyes

Dem claim seh dem a lead, but only misleading
Their negative energy dem feeding
But life goes on
Life goes on
Life goes on
Life goes on
Life goes on
Life goes on
Life goes on, fi mi life goes on

(Verse 2)
Dem pain a picture in a dem image and give wi that fi praise
And tell wi if wi worship that wi life a go save
But how can you believe all a that
When a dem same one have wi a slave
Mi realize seh nuff a wi a sleep and waan wake
Meanwhile some a wi a breadfruit weh roast or bake
No man naw check the ingredients every man just want the cake
Yo need fi keep the grass low suh yuh can identify the snake
The truth is there but Jah yo lock yo mind
Member Jah tell yuh if yuh seek yuh a go find
Don’t let it fall on deaf ears and don’t act blind
To corrupt us that’s how dem system design

(Repeat Chorus)