Tommy Lee Sparta – Hero Lyrics

Am a champion
Am a hero
Am gonna write till my tank get zero
Am a hustler
Am a gangster
Am every f–king thing they told yo

Or maybe am a knock off
Maybe am just a fraud
Maybe I ain’t go ever see the f–king face a God
Maybe I ain’t no spartan
Maybe I ain’t no king
But one thing am go tell you I was f–king born to win

(Verse 1)
Bad from mi head to mi toe
Ever ready fi the war anywhere yo know
Any body step to the dark a go lay down pon the floor
Like a jungle lion mi meck mi gun roar

Mi nuh tek dis
Mi nuh tek chat
Mi nuh tek crap
Mi nuh tek dis
Mi nuh tek box
Any bwoy try trip a go drop
Buss one straight in a him f–king head back

I see dem coming from a far
Mi got mi guns a blaze and they approach in a car
Tonight they ain’t leaving no stars
They come to meet the day lay down a the boulevard

The difference between you and I
Is I came in this war and I cant detect who die
And you can see it in my eyes
See it in my face, you can see it in my smile

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem seh mi sell mi soul
Ezeta Zana roll
Bout dem a man and dem a bwal out a control
Rumors dem try fi spread
Dem just waan si mi dead
But one thing mi can tell dem pu–y deh mi never scared

Talk yuh a talk and a run off yo mouth
Straight it mi rise, it a run in yo house
Everything dead when mi gun dem come out
Mi nuh know weh dem fah, but mi know weh mi bout
See the news slaughter ration
Get my rifle from the Asians
Strap down more than a mental patient
From yo know seh yo dis a spartan invasion

Anywhere mi deh, anywhere mi go food haffi do
The demons follow in a my shadow
Any bwoy dis mi nah si tomorrow
Gunshot a bring through yo bloodclaat marrow
This a nuh movie
This a nuh show
This is reality suh let dem know

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. Line 26 “Tonight they ain’t leaving no scars”Line 27 “They come to leave me dead lay down a the boulevard”