Drake, Chris Brown Desperate To Win Rihanna Back

Rihanna is the hottest pop star on the planet right now and she has two of the hottest guys in hip-hop desperate for her attention.

Rihanna and Drake were recently spotted partying together at a club in NYC, prompting rumors that they have rekindled their romance.

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But a close source to the Bajan pop star told Urban Islandz that is not the case. Rihanna and Drake are still very much two single people.

“Drake reached out to RiRi while he was in NYC so it was just a innocent fun together, there is no bitterness between them or anything like that,” the source told us.

The source also told us that both Drake and Chris Brown are competing for Rihanna’s attention.

“Both Drizzy and Chris are competing for RiRi’s attention but she is just focusing on her career right now,” the source added.

Just last week Chris Brown got snubbed by Rihanna at a celebrity basketball game in New York City.

Drake also made headlines when his new song “Views From The 6” was leaked online. On the title track for his upcoming album, Drake raps about his relationship with


  1. It doesn’t have anything with being abused. If abuse was the problem she would have went back to him several times. Rihanna wants Chris to get rid of Kerruche and he won’t. Thats why she cut all ties with him including speaking to each other. Thats not going to work with Chris because he has his side kick at home and other to keep him company. Who does Rihanna have girls who are thinking about their men on that yacht and hoping Rihanna would move on with another guy. You can tell shes fronting. Not given eye contact, not speaking pretending you dont care anymore when they were at the basketball game. That is a sign, im sticking to my guns, if you dont get rid of your side chick than you cant speak or have anything to do with me. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work with guys. Especially chris, hes a wild free guy. She takes to seriously. she needs to have fun and enjoy her time with Chris and other guys and be free and young. Chris is only with her because he knows it bothers Rihanna because she told hum so repeatedly. Now he wants to rub it in her face as much as possible. If she talked to him and even hung out with him without being intimate it would show shes not upset and shes moved on and she’s just having a good time because that’s all Chris wants to do. Their in their twenties. I dint know any of my friends that wanted to even get engaged at 25. Rihanna needs to stop truly g to put a ball and chain on Chris and just have fun with him and stop making videos with a bunch if chicks. Their isnt a real party without the guys.

    • Wow, where have you been. You can have a life and enjoy yourself without being in the present of men. But then if she was people start calling her a slut. I don’t get it am I missing something. She’s doing the right thing taking her time. And i know a lot of people that are married at 25 and are very happy. All of this depends on the individual and maturity of the people involved. Chris Brown needs to be alone and take time to work on himself before it is to late and their is no career to fall back on. People talking about Rihanna is drama last time I checked when he was with her all this drama you see him in wasn’t happening. The only thing was the assault and if he would have kept his hands to himself like real men do then that wouldn’t have happened. Many women slap their man for being unfaithful not saying that it’s okay but the man don’t beat the crap out of them either. Chris Brown has some serious issues and Rihanna is not the cause of them. And don’t say he has never hit Karrueche because right now if he ever hit any woman again that would be the end for him and that has nothing to do the fact the everyone thinks Karrueche is so sweet and loyal. Please tell me how much effort it takes to be loyal to a celebrity because if he was not you would see very different results. This girl is in love with the money and the lifestyle it brings with being with one. Do people really think her getting that stylish job for him when she first met him was a coincidence. People needs to really think because she has. She will be the end of Chris Brown the artist watch and see. And no I am not a Rihanna fan either. I just hate seen a young black man with so so much talent headed in the wrong direction. Everything with him and this young lady has been negative and that’s not good. He maybe having fun right now but what about later because as long as you live later will become now. I hate when people say tomorrow is not promised but what do you do when you are still here and it comes that’s why you prepare for it just in case.

      • I agree with you. Looking at the pictures in court on Tuesday, Chris walking with her with his hand in his pockets. Chris never holding her hand of walking side by side with her. Look like she was just following behind
        him thru the whole thing. To me that do not look like love. I could be wrong but i do not think so.

  2. If Chris Brown really wanted Rihanna he could have her. Lets be honest, Rihanna hasn’t had a relationship since Chris. Why because she is waiting for him. Rihanna is trying her best attempt to reject him and pretend shes fed up. When people are fed up they move on. its been almost 4 years who’s Rihanna’s boo?. Yeah, I thought so… Chris Brown. She’s stunted. She can keep her friends around her all she want to occupy her time but its not going to work because her friends are going to be with their men sooner or later. Rihanna needs to get past feeling for a guy what she felt for Chris and give a guy a chance. What group of her girls go sailing on a yaht without guys?. Their dancing on the yacht with each other. Gove me a break. Guys, Guys, a least for half the trip.

    • Ha! It kills me when people say she ignored him because she still wants him. Ha! So I suppose if she went up to talk to him, that would mean she still wanted him, and if she ignores him – she wants him too…You people are ridiculous #indenial.

  3. Chris brown is bae

  4. For sure karruche trans is convenient for chris b.

  5. I think Beverly is right. Chris is not her soul mate. I think Chris was her first though boy friend. And on top of that he gave her a good beat up which is very sad. It is very sad to beat up by any guy specially your first. Yes I think she is a little traumatizing by that pass situation.when someone is very sorry or when someone love for real they do not hurt you in anyway. They would prefer to hurt themselves instead. So I think Rihanna should stay away from Chris. Because christ has not shown not even in a superficial way that he is sorry. On the other hand, we karruche trans , she seems that isoonly convince in his life. However , karruche doesn’t look very smart for the entertainment business and she keeps making stupid mistakes because she wants to be in the business so much
    She is hungry for it. I think that if karruche continues like this she will damage christ career. In my opinion , it would be better for everyone to go in their separate ways.

  6. Rihanna need to change to he don’t want her
    she is drama to Chris keep your head up

  7. People fail to realize how successful Rihanna is at such a young age, she’s the best selling digital artist of all time and could very well keep it that way for the rest of eternity.

    She’s sold over 200 million records by the age of 26, she’s an established artist with a huge legacy while maintaining her natural radiance and has the entire fashion industry in a craze. She’ll be Michael Jackson big in 5 years, the amount of records she’s broken is Innumerable.

    People like to claim that she’s a slut, yet this woman who’s life has been documented and scrutinized since was 17 has only dated 5 men from our perspective and she’s donated to so many good causes.

    Rihanna is an inspiration and she’s breeding a generation of strong unapologetic women. I applaud her.

    Rihanna is the best woman either of them could ever have, Beyonce’s taken, there is only Rihanna.

    • -_- never compair those two again

    • ok so you are saying she has dated and most likely has slept with 5 men in 8 years. I don’t how you were brought up, but that’s a slut to me. So Beyonce and Rihanna are the 2 best women that any of them could ever have? Out of millions of women that are on earth, those are the 2 best women? smh

      • For the credibility and longevity of their careers, yes. Ask Jay-Z.

        And no I wasn’t raised by idiots, is man a slut for 5 women in a year? I don’t think so misogyny is real.

  8. Chris Brown doesn’t want Rihanna. He has gone back to Kerruche every time he was with Rihanna. Si maybe Drake but not Chris

    • Correction tanya: The only reason Chris Brown is back with Karrueche is because Rihanna refused to put up with his crap. Chris Brown doesn’t intend to change so Rihanna has to leave that alone. What rihanna fans need to stop doing is saying that Chris Brown is her soul mate. Nonsense! Oh please God does make a mistake. If Chris Brown was Rihanna’s soul mate he would have put a stop to this girl who has no self respect. But no he allowed her to destroy their relationship and now posts pictures with him all over social media for everyone to see. He has no respect for rihanna, himself nor this girl who thinks he is so in love with her. Time will surely reveal all truth. But to rihanna I say, just move on and find someone new. There are many handsome and loyal men out there, more handsome and loyal than Chris Brown. Let him go with Karrueche or whomever he wants, let them fade away into oblivion in your world. I will sincerely pray for you to find someone that when you look back at all of this you will wonder what was wrong with you. Hang in there rihanna. Be strong and open up yourself to new possibilities. Do not let Chris Brown define your future. It is time to start seriously dating with the aim of getting married and starting a family. Do not waste another moment of your youthful years behind chris brown coz flowers bloom then starts to fade. Also stop smoking and do not taint your lovely skin with anymore tattoos for God’s sake and do please remember that you do not have to wear so much revealing clothes to be lovely. You are beautiful just the way you are. You want someone to love and respect you for who you are and not be with you only for your lovely body. This is what Chris Brown and Fake Drake did. Same devil but under a different name. Fake Drake can have Nicki if he wants because they are too close for comfort if you ask me and you do not need that kind of stress again. Nicki will hang around like Karrueche and at the slightest disagreement between you and FD, she will be there to give ‘advice’. I say forget about CB and FD and their baggage!! God is pulling these people away from you. LET THEM GO!! And oh by the way DON’T GO to dinner with FUGLY MOUTH FD anymore!

      • yes You are so right.

      • what the hell is wrong with you that you can speak for Rihanna and chris personal business. Do you know either personally. who the hell is Rihanni you people are so strange get a damn life and move and invest in it instead of speaking for no talent Rihanna. Rihanna is for a time and will self destruct. you people act so passionate whenever an incorrect t article is written about Rihanna. Rihanna has no self respect and is so a narcissis. where is the talent

      • How do you know if she is a self destructive “narcissist” if you do not know her personally? Aren’t you contradicting yourself a little right there?

      • Chris Brown don’t want her ass they just desperate for some damn views

      • Chris loves this woman and it is deep in his heart.Did you see the picture with her father? It speaks for itself.

      • Whose father?

      • Chris loves Rihanna but he knows she’s too possessive and hes not ready to have the relationship she wants

      • You are contradicting yourself, do not let your hate cloud your thinking. Read your own words.

      • I see it the other way around. She can get a man but can’t keep him. I think it’s because she is a brat, narcissist and has a huge ego. And as much as people praise her, she has low self esteem. Hence, she is destroying her body with tattoos and piercings and wears barely anything to get attention. She thought CB was going to marry her or commit but she’s not wifey material. She may be in future but she has a lot of self reflection to do. No man wants a conceited, vile and IDGAF attitude as their wife.

      • First of all people really don’t understand when you have been in a abusive relationship and especially with a man that you loved as much as she loved Chris Brown and he did what he did to her it is going to be hard for this young lady to trust a man with her heart again therefore you will see her doing exactly what she is doing all of this comes from that abuse. She don’t know nothing else right now and until she seeks some help to get through and really understand all this you will continue to see her act this way. She do things to keep men away or run them away because she is afraid of falling in love like that again and that happening to her again. She went back to him because he was someone she already knew and it my sound strange but that’s what it was and that she still loved him. She focused on the good times and not what happened and she wanted that back. He messed that up again. He stays with Karrueche because she is easy going and is not going to complain much because she is so glad that she gets the chance to be with someone famous and the lifestyle

      • Chris Brown don’t want her ass they just desperate for some damn views

      • Chris is certainly not husband material. I am so happy she walked away from that craziness. He is Ms. K problem now.

      • You dumb af if you think Chris actually wants her any more

      • You choose the right name KID no common sense.

      • Chris Brown don’t want her ass they just desperate for some damn views and your comiting playing right into there hands

      • You do not have to keep a man.He have to want to stay with you. Having children do not keep him so get some self esteem.

      • And Chris Brown is somehow husband material? Lol. At least she isn’t abusing her fellow human beings, and can stay out of jail and rehab. Stop acting acting like you know what she is thinking, you sound insane, and please stop acting like it is every females life long goal to “hold” a man down, you make our sex sound pathetic. If she wanted him, she could have him. She already has.

      • You haters are just jealous of this beautiful, rich, talented and smart young lady .RI ROCKS.

      • I have to laugh at all these comments. Drake and Rihanna are committed to each other … no need to worry about this couple. They are very happy.

      • This report is dumb Chris Brown is over her and she is over him

      • I hope so, but all the “convenient” appearances by Chris to Rihanna attended functions, FaceBook and Instagram mash-up pic likes, tour logo paintings, and photo opps with Rihanna’s family doesn’t seem to bear that out – at least on Chris’ end. We don’t see Rihanna doing what Chris has done. And Rihanna has PLENTY to promote too! Both then, now and in the near/far future! Still, no mention of or “convenient” appearances or friendly pics with Chris Brown or anyone associated with him… She doesn’t even acknowledge his existence. #poordat

      • Sometimes things we hope for do not happen the way we want. No one knows the future.

      • correction Beverley James, Chris doesn’t want Rihanna. He doesn’t want Rihanna because she’s possessive of him. She said it herself. She’s too jealous and controlling. Which is why Chris prefers to be with Kerruche. He doesn’t have to go through physical fights with her. The assault was about another girl texting Chris and Rihanna said herself she wouldn’t drop it. I believe she hit him first and he beat her up. I dont think he just banged her head on the side of the door because she was running off her mouth. She slapped him and he hit her back and she was trying to hit him him and he beat her up. Thats what I think happened. She knows she started that fight which is why she went back to him several times. Chris on the other hand knows how jealous she is and in the back of his mind he doesn’t want another assault charge. Which is why hes with Kerruche. Rihanna is possessive. If your a possessive woman you dont need a boyfriend like Chris Brown. Hes always around girls, hes very handsome, hes flurts, he can dance, he can sing. Rita Or a, Nick I Man in etc are his friends and sometimes they look to close with hugs and kisses. So you’ll always be angry and jealous if Chris is your boyfriend. He does cheat but most of the time its innocent. Chris does what he wants and Rihanna cant stand that. She needs to mingle have fun and dont take Chris so seriously. Just enjoy your life, have fun and stop trying to lock him down. Better Yet Rihanna needs a guy who wants to be in a serious relationship. A twenty five year old guy is really 18 and their not ready to be loyal.

      • Correction Beverly, the crap Rihanna refused to put up with was Kerruche. It wasn’t that Chris went back to Kerruche, she never went away. Thats the problem. Rihanna and all her girlfriends sailing around Italy without any hot guys is just Rihanna’s way of not backsliding to Chris. I would believe that she moved on if she had some hot guys to party with on that Yacht smoking weed, drinking, and swimming. Also if there was a gorgeous guy, even Drake, then maybe she’ll be on her way. Rihanna posted a bunch of sexy pictures and it’s nothing sexy about sailing with several women. Whats sexy about that? It wasn’t anything to put her in a sexy mood, so what was the pictures for? Besides if she was with a guy there would be no need to post sexy photos. Chis is going to continue to call her and reel her in because of stunts like that. Chris see’s his ex with no man. He’s made nice with Drake, so there’s no emotional feelings there, He’s still with Kerruche and posting allot of pictures of them. Rihanna still can’t even look at Chris, and it seems any other guy.

      • Come now. If Rihanna posted pics of herself, her girl friends, and a bunch of guys, people would immediately start up with that slut crap again. There’s a reason for the “Girls Night Out” trend. Girls Only! NO Boys! On Chris ‘making nice” with Drake, so why didn’t Chris join Drake for his OVO Fest this year? Chris’ camp said it had to do with the felony over Rihanna that Canada wouldn’t let him past Customs. But any Chris Brown fan knows that he’s been there, since the beating, and performed. Also, did you see that vine clip of Drake “impersonating” Chris singing “Loyal”? You know, the one where he sings the hook and then says “Get the F* outta here with that S*”! And Lil Wayne laughs, runs and falls down – still laughing. Aaand we’re not hearing anymore about a Drake/Chris collab. Even if it is on Tyga’s album/mixtape. MmmHmm… Something is up with those two. And it ain’t all good either. And maybe, just maybe, Rihanna not wanting to look at Chris has much more to do with him viciously beating her into another personality, her forgiving him (in a VERY PUBLIC way no less), only to have him attempt to slut shame her on social media, and cheat on her once again. Sorry. That right there is unforgivable. I wouldn’t look at his stale, crunchy, crazy, whorish, violent, bi-polar ass either! Good on Rihanna!

    • Ya Tanya whats sup, Chris was rejected he does not want Karreuche he is just desperate hello.

      • This report dumb af Chris Brown is way over her

      • Chris Brown is a young guy. Guys are usually less mature than the women their age. Chris is a loose guy and honestly I don’t think he wants to be in a serious relationship with anybody. Partying all the time means you meet new people all the time. Attraction to someone you met or would like to meet is the first step to either cheating, starting a new relationship, or both. Rihanna, Chris and Kerruche are all young people who like to party. So none of them should take a relationship serious because as much as they party, either of them are bound to meet someone new.

      • Chris is Chris and he doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship but be in a relationship. He’s a loose guy. Who was he rejected by?

    • Your first sentence is totally wrong my dear…

    • He goes back to karrueche cuz no one else is available and/or no one else is going to put up with his bs. If Jazmine Sanders was still available, he would go back to her. She is by far the most beautiful gf he has had up to the moment. Rihanna is the sexiest, no doubt about that. But Jazmine is stunningly beautiful. He has also had other gf’s but nobody puts up with his unfaithfulness and disloyalty as ktran. So don’t say that he goes back to her because he wants to. NO. He goes back to her because NO HAY NADIE MAS.