Blak Ryno – Problem Lyrics

Portmore rifle tall hi no
Hear dem a bwal hi no
Anyweh yo si the wicked heart walk
Mi no left mi dawg
Mi no trust bwoy after dark hi no

M16 tall hi no
Pon mi belly mi haffi crawl hi no
Rifle bines a go slap up in a face
Slap up in a chest
And mi a put yo marrow pon the wall hi no

Portmore rifle march pon dem
The 16 kick off pon dem
Mi rifle a sing a rass anthem
Pass mi yard mi set mi dawg pon dem

When it a blast pon dem
Spata let out the marks man dem
Pass mi dawg and it cause problem
Rabit a go let out the corn, corn dem

(Verse 1)
Yo coh yah boss, rifle a come fi yo breakfast
When yo si mi wid the K bwoy tear fast
It a go bruk like glass when the K blast
Pu–y when man a mash works mi no wear mask
Go one side or hold a chair
Cause in a mi right hand mi have the 14
Mi next hand mi have the K cause

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wap the 16
Meck yo face and chest a get 15
Ar15 scream and the clip clean
The clip clean and yo scream like Kristen
Bullet all bout in a yo face like whip cream
This yah one yah hotter than mix thing
Wi have a 6 foot 6 casket fi him
And a deep hole dig fi him

(Repeat Chorus)

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