RDX – Dancehall Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Wi all love and respect reggae
But don’t pretend dancehall nuh deh, deh
When reggae rise, dancehall rise
Jamaica rise cyaa look down pon wi like stregga
From Yellow Man the first dancehall king
Shabba go global wid the dancehall thing
Nuff a dem nuh rate Sean Paul
But a niff time the man give the billboard a dancehall swing
Nuff a dem nuh like dem own music word up
A pop and hiphop dem a push first up
Artist weh tek money and nuh turn up
Dancehall reputation dem burn up
Why some man a tek dis fi circus
Reggae cyaa tek it meck money surplus
Don’t try spit in a the pot mi nam out a
Mi wi put yuh in a dark corner go curl up

This a dancehall, dancehall
A wi lover, wi life
A wi girl, a wi wife
Suh everybody haffi treat her right

Rep fi wi dancehall, dancehall
A wi joy, a win pain
A shi meck wi a gain
Nuh dash no more dirt pon her name

(Verse 2)
Big up Jamis, Stili and Cleavy
Big up Sleng Teng, Wayne Smith
Recently leave wi
Sweet reggae meck yo scank it easy
Dancehall meck yo dance till yo foot dem cheesy
Society a try mislead wi
A seh Vado gainst Kartel
Bounty gainst Beenie
Dancehall a draw down, dancehall nuh intrigue mi
How mi fi bite off the same hand weh feed mi
Check the facts, check the ratio
Most a Europe nuh play wi music paw radio
Fi big up reggae nuh mean yuh haffi put down dancehall
Yuh no have no unity, how unuh stay suh?
Police weh go out in a the sea go lock off boat ride
WI send ten bad girl come trace yo
Artist know yo self cause the world a hear yo
Don’t burn down the bank weh pay yo

(Repeat Chorus)